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Furniture Restoration - Traditional and Period

We restore a variety of furniture styles that we are categorizing as Traditional/Period antiques. These pieces can range from a rustic bench to a fine English chest. The processes we use to either conserve, restore or refinish a piece of furniture vary depending on the age of the piece, condition, scope of job and of course client preference. We use traditional restorative techniques and prefer to conserve as much of the original piece and finish whenever possible. However, we can re-create or repair missing or damaged components if that is what the situation requires.

Set of Vintage Ladderback Chairs

A client in Amagansett, NY asked us revitalize a set of chairs she has owned for many years. She loved the blue color, but the finish had worn and chipped. In addition, the rushing on several of the chairs was broken and damaged. We were asked to remove the blue finish and make the chairs a clean, glossy black. In addition, we re-rushed several of the chair seats that were in the worst condition. Subsequent to this project, we were asked to re-rush the rest of the chairs as she was so happy with the outcome.



Antique Biedermeier Desk
One of our NYC clients has asked us to conserve this family heirloom Biedermeier desk. Over the years, the piece has had several repair jobs and the piece has had pieces of missing veneer patched/replaced in numerous places. The piece is dry and still has many areas of missing veneer. We are carefully bleaching out numerous stains as well. In addition, the drop leaf on the desk is a bit warped and needs attention. The client has told us that the piece was originally a more blonde color but at some point in the past it was stained a darker brown. We worked with the client to come up with a tone and color she would like on the piece. After all the repairs, the brass was polished to a wonderful luster and the piece was finished with a French polish.


Antique Rocker
This great little rocker had a break in one of the barley twist spindles in the back. We had to put a small dowel into the spindle to securely repair the crack and then touch in the repair. We finished the piece with a high gloss French polish.


Antique Chest of Drawers
This mahogany chest of drawers has great lines but was in pretty bad shape as far as damaged finish, loose joint and very damaged feet. In addition, there are scratches and some prior repairs that will need to be reversed before we can begin our restoration.
We stripped the piece and did a significant amount of repair work to chipped and missing veneer. We then had to do some gluing and clamping to fix the frame. The drawer runners needed to be adjusted as the piece sagged a bit in the middle. Now the drawers move in and out with ease. As you can see from the before photos, at some point the original feet were removed and casters were attached. We re-created new ball feet for the front in a period-appropriate style.
Finally, the repairs were touched in to color match the piece and it was finished with a high shine French polish.
18th Century Continental Tilt Top Table
One of our clients based on Long Island, NY has asked us to conserve this 18th Century table. The piece is badly scratched and has several broken and/or missing pieces of the lovely decorative accents. In addition, the piece has some badly done patches on the top of the table that need to be addressed.
The conservation was a multi-step process. First,  we had to reverse the prior (badly done) restoration and used ethical restorative techniques to restore the surface as well as the decorative medallions. We re-sculpted the damaged and/or missing medallions and added many layers of French polishing to bring the tabletop to a deep, rich glow. We have also restored the base, which needs some structural work as well as re-sculpting on some of the decorative accents.

New Top for Antique Chest of Drawers
Our client based in NYC has asked us to repair the structural damage to this chest and fabricate a new top for the piece. This chest had a marble top at one point, and the weight of the top, coupled with the age and delicate nature of the piece, caused the chest to crack and buckle in several places. We fabricated a new top made out of oak and finished it with a glossy black finish. The client wanted us to distress the top so we beat it up a bit and did not fill in the natural knotholes in the wood.
Antique Card Table
This table was left behind by the seller when one of our clients purchased a home on Shelter Island, NY. The table had damaged veneer, was unstable and had been poorly repaired at some point in the past. We carefully repaired the damage, stabilized the piece and finished it with a French Polish. This table is now a focal point in our client's foyer. 
Antique Chest of Drawers 
This fine old chest had several cracks and on one side the wood had been damaged by water. We repaired all the damaged and French polished the piece. It looks great now.
Antique Bench
This piece was in very bad shape when we brought it into the workshop. It had been left out in the rain and was severely warped. The piece was so distorted that the arms and several spindles no longer fit in place. We had to carefully work on the wood to get it back in the correct shape and re-attach all the pieces. The piece was all hand sanded and, at the client's request, finished with a French polish. 

Antique Adams Armoire Door
A client has a very large Adams armoire with damage to one of its doors. The delicate trim piece one on one side of the door was broken and detaching from the door, likely from use over time. We have restored the door and carefully re-attached it. The piece has been re-assembled and the door looks great and functions perfectly.

Antique Table From Honduras
A new client of ours in Center Reach, NY inherited this wonderful table from her parents. Her father bought it for her mother at least 70 years ago and it was already old when he purchased it. This is a very sentimental table to her. Over time, the table (carved out of 3 planks) has cracked and warped slightly. The table top actually split in three places and needed to be disassembled and re-glued. We then filled the areas where the table had cracked and polished. It is now very sturdy and restored to its former luster.
Corner Bobbin Chair
This chair was damaged during a fire in a NYC apartment. The chair was scratched and was wobbly after being quickly moved out of the way by the firefighters. We also had to repair the loose joints without damaging the rushed seat. We dis-assembled the chair and re-glued all the components. We cleaned the chair and gave it a French polish to restore the wood to its original luster.
Antique Trundle Sofa
This great piece came to us from a client in Southold, NY. She inherited this piece from a relative and wanted it restored for her cozy waterfront cottage. The piece was solidly made, but the 5 panels of caning were damaged over time and the piece needed an overall light refinishing.
We replaced the caning in all of the panels. The client debated whether to darken the caning or leave it in its natural color, but we ultimately left it natural and it provides a really nice contract to the rich, dark wood. The wood was given a light refinishing, but we really wanted to preserve the antique patina of the piece. The client is now buying a cozy cushion for piece as well as a cushion for the trundle. It looks really great in her cottage!
Antique Drop Leaf Table and Set of 6 Chairs
One of our clients in Orient, NY asked us to restore this table as well as 6 chairs. The drop leaf table had quite a few scratches as well as burn and water marks on the top. In addition, finish had lost its luster over time. We had to strip the tabletop and hand sand it to remove the burn marks and stains. We were careful to preserve the lovely grain and some of the marks so the tabletop did not look new as it has a great patina.
We also had to tighten up some of the joints to stabilize the table. Once all the prep work and stabilization was done, we stained the wood and gave it a French polish to a rich, deep shine.
Set of 6 Antique Chairs
These chairs are paired with the antique drop leaf table above. Our client had us re-cane all the chairs. In addition, we had to re-glue and repair several chairs in the set. Once all that work was done, we gave the finish on each chair a gentle restoration, but did not strip them. The patina on the chairs was so great, we just touched up the finish and gave them a polish to preserve the antique look.
Antique Chest of Drawers
A NYC-based client entrusted us with the restoration of this wonderful chest of drawers. As you can see from the photos, the piece has significant damage to the top, as well as veneer problems, scratches and overall damage to the finish. We carefully restored the damage to the top, repaired scratches to the body of the piece and finally finished it with a French polish.
Country French Table Repair
A client in East Hampton, NY has a great French Country table, but unfortunately the top had become warped and need repair. They also wanted us to refinish the table but retain the great patina. We had to take the top off and put in a series of butterflies and wooden bands to straighten the top and prevent it from warping again. We then polished the table and it has a great golden glow.
Antique Two Drawer Table
A client of ours in New Suffolk, NY has this wonderful antique table; however, an air conditioner had dripped on the top, resulting in damage to the finish. In addition, the top swelled from the water and bowed. We removed the top, stripped off the old finish and steamed it to repair the bow in the wood. Once the foundation of the table top was repaired, the top was finished to match the color to the base of the table. We finished it off with a wax finish appropriate to the period of the piece.
Antique Sewing Table
A client of ours in Greenport, NY has a fine sewing cabinet but it had water marks on the top and one of the legs was a bit wobbly. We restored the surface of the piece and repaired the leg and finished the piece off with a French polish.
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