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Teak Furniture

Teak Lounge Chairs
A client of ours from Manhattan Beach, CA with a second home in Southold, NY was considering throwing away these teak lounge chairs as they had been outside for many years exposed to the salt air and sun. The lounge  chairs were quite worn, covered in mildew and in a general bad state. We thoroughly cleaned the loungers with a great marine teak product, repaired any damage and gave them several coats of marine teak oil. They now look amazing and the client is quite pleased he did not throw them away!
Teak Garden Furniture
Once our client noted above saw how nicely his teak loungers looked, he asked us to restore his entire set of teak furniture. We followed the same process as we used on his lounge chairs, and the rest of the furniture looks terrific. All they need is to be oiled each season (which we will do) and the pieces will last many more years.
Porch Teak Furniture
A client in Orient, NY asked us to do some repairs to a charming grouping of teak furniture. The set included 4 chairs, a bench and a low coffee table. Here are some before and after photos as well as more detailed process photos of the restoration process.
Porch Chair Repair and Oiling
The glue on these chairs had eroded over time, resulting in loose joints and weakness where the side slats connected to the armrests. We had to largely disassemble each chair and re-glue and clamp the chairs. They are now very solid and sturdy. There were also various scratches and dents we repaired. We finished the restoration with several coats of teak oil to moisturize the wood and give it a mellow luster.
Teak Porch Bench Repair and Oiling
This is the third piece in our Orient, NY client's grouping of porch furniture. This bench has lots of character and charm; however, one of the legs is cracked. In addition, the piece is quite dry and needs oiling. We are repairing the broken leg, doing any necessary touching in to color match the repair, and completing the project by oiling the piece.
Low Porch Table Repair and Oiling
This table is part of a set of porch furniture we are gently restoring for our Orient client. The table is handsome and has fun interior storage, but it has several cracks that needed repair. The wood is quite dried out, so it will be finished with several coats of oil to freshen it up for the summer season.
Large Set of Teak Beach Furniture
Our client in Breezy Point, NY had a collection of 18 pieces of teak furniture. Over the years, the pieces had dried, cracked and had broken and missing pieces. To make matters worse, the furniture was in the basement during Hurricane Sandy and was sitting in salt water. This further damaged the teak and caused significant corrosion to the hardware. Several of the pieces had been varnished, and that finish had also been damaged over time as well as by Hurricane Sandy.

We had to strip the varnish of the pieces, sand the wood and clean and bleach each piece to remove the finish and bring the wood back to a bare state. We also had to replace most of the hardware as the corrosion had ruined many of the screws and bolts. You can see from the photos that the hardware was broken and crumbling.

In addition, we had to repair damage to the semi-circular and replace several missing pieces of teak wood. The client had a set of 6 tall bar chairs, one of which was missing a back, so we had to re-create a new seat back. Before re-assembly after cleaning and prep work, we polished all of the surviving brass hardware.

Finally, we re-assembled all the pieces, installed hardware and oiled each piece with teak oil.
Varied Set of Teak Outdoor Furniture
A client in Lido Beach, Long Island gave us two batches of teak furniture to restore. His home is right on the water, so the pieces were exposed to the elements and salt air. We carefully cleaned and prepared the furniture, made any necessary repairs and finished the pieces with teak oil.


Teak Furniture- Round 2!
Our client in Lido Beach, Long Island was so pleased with the work we did on the set of furniture above, he gave us a second set of furniture to restore. These are sturdy, heavy pieces. We cleaned up the pieces and made a few repairs, and then oiled them with teak oil for a nice, durable finish for the outdoor weather.

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