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Metal Restoration- Sand and Soda Blasting

The sand and soda blasting process allows us to remove rust and paint from metal furniture as well as objects such as sculpture. It is a great way to restore industrial metal furniture! Or, for a playful twist, check out our Decorative/Faux painting section to see a piece we painted to simulate a metal finish.

Vintage Metal Garden Furniture 
We like this project because our client appreciates the quality and design of this furniture and they want to restore it rather than just buy a new set. 

We blasted off the rust and old paint on the pieces, bringing the furniture back to white metal. We used a smaller sandblaster, which we use for more delicate work to ensure the pieces do not get pitted. We applied a rust converter and then followed that with an application of a zinc chromate primer (it is green as you will see in the photos below) to ensure there will be no future rust, especially since our client lives right on the water.

The clients' primary concern was the preservation of the furniture. We initially discussed finishing the pieces with a white paint, but they also liked the look of shot blasted and polished metal. Our suggestion gave them the best of both worlds. We finished the furniture with a faux metal finish rather than a painted finish. The metal finish was executed by hand and looks sandblasted and polished without incurring the cost of the very labor intensive polishing process. 

Wood and Metal Garden Chairs
The chairs were in rough shape. Several of the bolts holding the arms in place had rusted and broken, so we had to drill them out and replace them with new aluminum bolts. The wood on the chairs was broken in several parts and quite weather damaged. As part of our restoration, the wood was filled with two-part epoxy where it had cracked. This will prevent further cracking once the chairs are fully restored. The client asked us to stain the wood a dark color for a nice contrast with the metal finish. We finished off the wood restoration by waxing and hand buffing it
to a warm, smooth glow.
Round Metal Garden Table
This lovely piece was in bad shape. The photos show how we blasted off all the sand and paint and brought the piece down to raw metal. After priming the piece, we finished it off with our faux metal finish. One feature we really like is that we were able to retain the natural wear and texture that the table had developed over time- preserving its vintage character.
French Metal Console Table
As you can see from the before photos, this is a great piece but it was very rusted. Similar to the rest of the metal garden pieces, we put quite a bit of time into sandblasting off all the rust and paint, bringing the piece down to raw metal. We then applied a very durable primer to protect the metal. From there, we gave the piece a faux metal finish for the sandblasted and polished look. The final "after" shots show the piece in the clients' porch in Southold, NY.
Tiered Metal Plant Stand
This piece was also very rusty and had chipped white paint. We carefully sandblasted off rust and paint, bringing the piece down to raw metal. We primed it and finished it with a faux metal finish.
Metal Chest of Drawers
A designers in the Hamptons asked us to sandbast this chest of drawers for one of her clients on Shelter Island, NY. The chest was very rusty and the drawer mechanisms were rusted in place. We sandblasted the piece down to the metal, treated it for rust, and polished it for a shotblasted and polished look. We repaired and oiled the drawer mechanisms and now the drawers pull out with ease.
Sandblasting for Noted Sculptor William King
We were asked by William King, a noted sculptor based in East Hampton, NY to sandblast 3 pieces in a set of sculpture titled "Politics". William had constructed the sculptures out of aluminum and he asked us to use a very coarse medium to sandblast them to a rough finish. You can see the difference in the texture of the metal in the before and after shots. This was our contribution to a great trio of sculptures.
Sandblasting Eagle Sculpture
Our client had purchased this eagle sculpture but wanted to remove the paint and restore it to its original metal finish. We blasted off the paint and sealed the finish. It looks much better, if we say so ourselves!
Vintage Metal Lounge Chairs
Our Southold, NY based clients liked our work so much on the restored metal furniture above, they engaged us to do a similar job on two terrific, but rusted, pool lounge chairs. We had quite a bit of welding to do on various parts of the chairs before we could start the sandblasting process. Once that was done, we primed the pieces with a zinc chromate paint and then an additional layer of rust proofing. From there, we gave them a faux metal finish.
Antique Metal Milk Jug
This piece was one of a large batch of items we sandblasted and restored for a lamp store in the Hamptons. After the piece was sandblasted, the client asked us to treat it with a clear coat to protect the piece.
Vintage Metal Fan
This piece was also very rusted before we sandblasted and coated it. It turned out really nicely.
Vintage Metal Garden Furniture
A new client of ours with a second home in Southold, NY  asked us to sandblast and paint this sweet set of garden furniture. The pieces are covered with many layers of paint and rust. We sandblasted the pieces down to raw metal and then treated them with a marine caliber primer (the photos where the pieces are green)  to protect the metal from the elements, as the client will have the furniture outside and they live right on the water. The client has asked us to paint the set white; however, the pieces have some lovely brass detail that we will not paint white. The brass details were highlighted and protected with an durable lacquer to emphasize the details.
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