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Retouching Service

We have many clients approach us for help when they have a piece of furniture that has been scratched, gouged or chipped. You don't need to refinish the whole piece! We can retouch the damaged area either on-site or in the workshop.

Damage to Paint Finish on Antique Chair
A lovely client in Southold, NY contacted us as a household cleaner had leaked out of a box onto one of a pair of chairs she inherited from her mother. These chairs are extremely sentimental and she was very happy that we were able to remove the stain and seamlessly touch in the paint color to restore the chair for her.
Table Gouge
A Shelter Island summer renter had a "whoopsie" and mistakenly damaged a table during their stay. They were keen to get the table repaired as soon as possible. We went out and fixed the table on-site the same day they called. We filled the gouge and colored matched the woodgrain so you could not even tell the table had been damaged.
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