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Furniture Restoration- Mid Century Modern

We love working on mid-Century/Modern furniture. The lines are great and the forms so elegant. The tricky thing about this era of furniture is that sometimes the pieces are constructed with the thinnest layer of veneer, so you have to be very careful working on them. Also, some of the original manufacturers did not always use the most enduring glue, so many pieces loosen and break over time and have to be re-glued with more lasting glue.

Pair of Contemporary Side Tables
A client of ours in NYC asked us to repair and restore these tables. Over time, the veneer had chipped and the finish had become worn and damaged. We first stripped the existing finish off of the pieces and then made all of our veneer repairs. We then stained them black for the base color and filled in the grooves in the oak with lime wax to effect the black and white contrast. Finally, we varnished the pieces to protect the surfaces.
Mid-Century Modern Chair
A San Francisco based designer asked us to refinish this chair for a Sag Harbor-based client. The chair has great lines and was structurally sound, it just needed to be refinished, especially the arms and front legs. We stripped the old finish off of the chair and finished it with Danish oil.
Mid-Century/Modern Coffee Table
This is a great table. We love the lines and scale. Our client is very attached to it and asked us to gently refinish it and repair the damaged veneer along the edge of the table. The table has very thin veneer so we had to be very careful in preparing the surface for refinishing and staining.
Mid-Century Modern Accent Table
This table had lots of marks and scratches on the top. Also, quite a few pieces of the decorative veneer around the edge had chipped or fallen off over time. We prepared the table for refinishing and repaired the damaged or missing veneer. The veneer repair was color matched to ensure the same lovely contrast as when the table was new.
Mid-Century Modern Desk
An East Hampton based designer has asked us to restore this desk for one of his NYC clients. The desk has several scratches and chips. We refinished the desk in a deeper walnut color (the existing finish has quite a bit of red tonality) and finished off the project with a wax finish. This piece was delicately hand sanded as needed as the veneer, as with many mid-century modern pieces, is extremely thin.
Pair of Mid-Century Modern Club Chairs
We had "chair envy" for these club chairs. Our Greenport, NY client asked us to refinish the arms on these chairs but in the process not have to remove or damage the great Donghia upholstery. Sounds easy, but we could not remove the arms without taking off some of the fabric. So, we had to carefully cover the fabric and refinish the arms while they were still on the chair. We were able to do the job and leave the fabric in place and undamaged.
Pair of Chairs
A designer in the Hamptons, NY asked us to refinish and color match a great pair of chairs. We repaired numerous scratches and dents and then gave the chairs an era appropriate matte finish. The chairs were then re-upholstered in a subtle blue fabric. They came out great.
Mid-Century Modern Dining Chairs
This project was a bit of a challenge. Our client on Shelter Island, NY had a set of 4 dining chairs, all with quite a bit of damage ranging from being almost completely shattered to being loose and in need of re-gluing. The chairs that were in pieces were also missing components that we had to fabricate. Once the repairs were done, we thoroughly cleaned off quite a bit of dirt and waxed the existing finish. They now look great again and are very sturdy.
G Plan Desk
A designer in the Hamptons, NY asked us to repair veneer damage and scratches to a sleek mid-century desk and then color match it to several other pieces they have in their collection. This was a tricky job as some of the scratches were fairly deep but the veneer was quite thin. We had to be very careful in preparing the surface to ensure we did not go through the veneer but at the same time repair the scratches. We pulled it off very successfully and the finished product looks great.
Paul McCobb Planner Group
One of our clients on Shelter Island, NY had a great set of Paul McCobb Planner Group pieces. His Planner Group, manufactured by Winchendon Furniture Company, was among the best selling contemporary furniture lines of the 1950s and was in continuous production from 1949 until 1964. Our client wanted us to refinish the pieces and color match them to a darker tone on some other pieces in her collection. These pieces are great because you can mix and match the components to achieve many different configurations depending on how you want to use them.
Mid-Century Modern Dining Table
Our client bought this Haywood Wakefield dining table but wanted it refinished as it had quite a few stains and scratches on the top. Also, since she was having it refinished, she wanted to take the color back to a more natural wood tone.
Modern Asian Style End Tables
An antiques shop in Greenport, NY asked us to restore this nice set of end tables. When we got them, they were scratched and there were stains and paint splatter on the dull black finish. We prepared the surfaces of the tables, primed them and painted them a glossy back. We then finished off the project with several layers of shellac to make the gloss really pop. 
Mid-Century Modern Triangle Occasional Table
Our Jackson Heights, Queens client asked us to refinish this side table, as it has scratches and marks to the finish from being a popular table for the children to use for their glasses etc. We stripped the table and removed any water marks and scratches. The table was then stained and varnished, which will protect it from future damage in a high-volume, kid-friendly home.
Widdicomb Chest of Drawers
This great chest of drawers had damage to the top and various scratches and marks. The finish was a bit faded as well. We had to strip the piece and repair all the damage. We then stained it the original color again and varnished it.
Pair of Mid-Century Axe Chairs
A couple based in Brooklyn, NY with a summer home in Southold, NY asked us to restore this gorgeous pair of Mid-Century Axe chairs. The chairs had numerous scratches and gouges, which we repaired and then touched in to color match the repairs.
Mid-Century Chair
One of our clients in Blue Point, Long Island found this chair for free on the side of the road. He had a great eye and knew it had pleasing lines and could be restored and look fantastic. The faux leather seat is suspended in the chair by lucite bars located on the back and arms of the chair. The chair was in a very bad state. We had to strip it, re-glue several areas where the wood had separated and also re-create some of the hardware (bolts that held the top portion of the chair to the base). Once the chair was stripped, we really began to see how nice the wood really was. We gave it a period-appropriate stain and waxed it to a warm, soft finish. We created an exact duplicate of the existing (and quite horrible) seat that was made out of vinyl and had very deteriorated fill. The new seat was made out of black recycled leather, and is durable but also soft.
Mid-Century Modern Chair
This chair came out fantastic. We refinished the chair, replaced missing hardware and re-created a new leather seat out of recycled black leather.
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