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Jens Risom

Jens Risom Coffee Table
We were asked to restore this great coffee table that was inherited by the client from his parents. Unfortunately, the table had a really bad prior "glue job" and was really a mess. In addition, the top of the table had warped and we needed to straighten it out so it would properly spin on the original "lazy susan" mechanism.We first had to reverse the prior restoration and begin our process. Repairing the warping took quite a bit of effort, requiring us to put channels in the bottom of the piece and slowly bringing the top level again. To accomplish this, we had to carefully remove the veneer on the underside of the table. Once the top was repaired, we had to re-attach the veneer and touch it in to restore it to its original condition. We then repaired scratches and dents and properly re-glued the legs back onto the base. We touched in the balance of the repairs and finished the piece with a period appropriate wax finish.



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