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Hans Wegner


A client of ours in NYC brought this interesting Hans Wegner sofa over from Europe. Unfortunately, during the transport process, the crate was damaged by a forklift and large parts of the sofa were sheared off. We were asked to fabricate the missing pieces of oak, color match the new oak to the existing oak and amalgamate the finish. The client does not want to repair the upholstery at this point as she has a matching chair and will do both at a later date. 



A client in Manhattan asked us to conserve this piece that he has owned for many years. He was very focused on conservation and asked us to repair broken seat cording only as needed but above all, preserve the existing material. In addition, there was a crack in one of the arms, which we carefully repaired. Finally, we chemically removed the existing finish as it was corrupted in many places and re-oiled the piece. 


Hans Wegner Chairs
A client in NYC had these chairs that were damaged when a crane dropped them while they were crated during a move. The legs were very damaged and there were numerous breaks in various areas as well. Several of the legs had missing pieces that we needed to re-create. We repaired all the damage and polished the chairs with period-appropriate oil.



Hans Wegner Flag Halyard Chair
This is a great chair designed in the 1950's by Hans J. Wegner as he was sitting on the beach thinking of the perfect chair. Our client is a designer in NYC and she and her long term client bought chair at auction. The chair is made of stainless steel aluminum and the legs are enameled. The chair is badly of need of restoration as the frame is very rusty and the original halyard rope is very deteriorated.

We removed the rust and pitting from the chair and re-chromed the aluminum. We also removed the rust and restored the base to a period-appropriate black. Once the frame and base were restored, we installed over 220 meters of new halyard rope to the chair. It really came out fantastic. The designer purchased a new sheepskin throw for the chair, as was originally done.


Hans Wegner Flag Halyard Chair
We were asked to carefully conserve the roping on a Hans Wegner Flag Halyard chair. The client, based in Manhattan, had a lovely chair; however, the halyard roping at the front of the chair had frayed over time and was in need of restoration. They did not want to replace the existing roping as the majority of it was still in good condition, Rather, they wanted a repair made to the damaged areas. To meet their needs, we sourced matching halyard rope and carefully replaced only the rope at the front of the seat in a fully reversible manner. In addition, the chair was missing several foot bases, so we were able to procure replacement feet from Denmark that matched the chair perfectly. 



Hans Wegner Dining Table and Chairs
We recently restored a lovely Hans Wegner table for a client based in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The client had a leak from his skylight and unfortunately, the water damaged the top of the table and chairs. The scope of the job had several components. We needed to restore the top of the table, which in addition to the water damage,  had some scratches and marks. We also needed to reverse the remnants of an earlier refinishing job done elsewhere, which had left the tabletop quite dull.

We also needed to repair the edges of the table leaves as over time, areas had broken and chipped. Finally, we had to take apart the entire table and re-glue it as much of the glue used on even the finest Mid-Century/Modern furniture was not of the best quality and erodes over time, resulting in the pieces becoming loose and wobbly.

The table was then oiled with period-appropriate oil for a deep, warm glow.
Before- Hans Wegner Table
As you can see from the photos, the table had water damage, scratches and remnants of a poor refinishing job.
Surface Preparation- Hans Wegner Table
We started our restoration process by stripping the tabletop and 2 leaves. The process required much care as we removed any scratches and marks. The photos illustrate the tabletop once it was stripped and then a nice comparison of the leaves as we oiled one leaf to show the contrast to an un-oiled leaf. The teak wood top has fantastic grain and the oil brought out all the detail and luster in the wood.
Wood Restoration- Hans Wegner Table
Over time, the areas where the leaves inserted into the table had become chipped and damaged. This was also a contributor to the table being wobbly. These areas needed to be repaired before further damage occurred. We carefully cleaned out the areas, repaired chipped and broken veneer, and color matched the repairs to the teak tabletop.
Table Stabilization- Hans Wegner Table
We needed to disassemble the table, re-glue the necessary areas, and make sure the screws were properly secured in place.
Project Completion- Hans Wegner Table
Once all the restoration work was done on the table, we applied numerous coats of Danish oil for a soft luster. The table should be oiled ever 6-9 months to keep the wood protected and the finish looking its best. The table is back in Brooklyn and looks great.
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