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Gilding and Frame Restoration

We can assist you with conserving, restoring or refinishing various types of gilded pieces, ranging from picture frames, sculpture and furniture and just about anything else. Please give us a call if you need restoration work to existing gilding or if you have a piece you would like gilded for the first time.

Garden Horse Sculpture
A client in St. James, NY hired us to restore this beautiful horse garden sculpture. The base had many areas where it had rusted through, and the body of the horse had also rusted and had a damaged finish. We sandblasted the piece and restored the base with carbon fiber matting to reinforce the repairs. We similarly used automotive grade primer to protect the metal. From a decorative perspective, we then applied a clay reddish color paint and then gilded gold leaf to the piece rather than just spraying it with gold paint. The red paint shows through in select areas for depth and detail to the finish. The piece was then finished with an automotive clear coat to protect the piece from the elements.

Contemporary Frame RestorationLarge Frame
A client with a nice contemporary art collection asked us to restore two painting frames. There was a fire in a neighboring apartment, and as a result, our client's apartment was filled with smoke and needed to be completely cleaned. During the cleaning process, the gold gilding on the frame chipped off. The frame is made of a nice pickled oak, but the gilding was brittle. When we began our restoration work, at least 60% of the gilding easily chipped away. To restore the frame and make it appropriate to the lovely painting, we hand gilded the frame using a traditional water gilding method. We used a gold called Moon Gold, which looks great with the painting. 
Painting Frame Restoration- Smaller Frame
Since we were restoring the larger frame (above) for our client, he asked us to restore an additional frame that was damaged when the painting fell off of the wall a year ago (unrelated to the fire damage). Similar to the frame above, the gilding on the manufactured frame was brittle and was already chipping off. In addition, the frame itself was cracked when it fell to the floor. We repaired the damage to the frame itself, and then hand gilded it with Moon Gold gold leaf. The client now has two hand gilded frames which look much more "alive" than the gilding that was on the frames originally. Plus, he will not have any more chipping!
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