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Chair Repair

Antique Maple Chair
Our client from Greenport, NY inherited this chair from his mother and had a very sentimental attachment to it. The caning was in good shape, but the chair was wobbly and needed some structural repairs. We took it apart, re-glued it and gave it a French polish. It looks amazing now. 
Mid-Century Modern Dining Chairs
Our clients on Shelter Island, NY had a set of 4 chairs, all in various states of disrepair, ranging from completely broken to just wobbly. We took them all apart and re-glued them. We had to re-create several pieces of missing wood, which was lost when the chair splintered and broke. After the structural repairs, the chairs were lightly cleaned. The client did not want them refinished to preserve the original mid-century finish. 
Corner Bobbin Chair
This sweet chair was scratched and damaged during a fire as the firemen moved items out of the way very quickly. We carefully took the chair apart to re-glue it without damaging the rushing, which was in fine shape. We re-touched the scratches and gave it a French polish. 
Antique German Barrel Rocker
Wow. We loved this chair from the moment we saw it. Our clients in Cutchogue, NY have had this chair in the family for many years. However, due to cracks and breaks, it was used more decoratively and was not strong enough for any one to sit in it. The chair has some interesting homemade repairs, some of which were so dear we had to leave them in place. We took the chair apart, re-glued it and repaired any cracks and breaks. A relative, at some point, had installed metal supports to keep the chair together. We agreed with the client that those repairs were functional but also sentimental, so we left them in place. We did, however, remove the repair made with electrical tape! The chair is now solid and sound, and used by the grandkids when they visit. 
Vintage Rocker
One of our Cutchogue, NY clients loved this chair, but over time several of the back supports broke and it was not really safe to use. The client has a bad back and this was the only chair that was really comfortable for him. We took the necessary supports apart and did our repairs and re-glued the back together. The chair is now solid and once again used by our client as he sits by the fire. 
Antique Chair
Our client in Orient, NY inherited this chair, which is one of a pair. We worked on this chair first. We had to repair and re-glue damage to the chair frame, re-create several missing pieces to the wood on the front of the chair and then complete the project with a French polish. The beautiful detail of the wood really shines through with the French polish!
Unique Horn Chair
One of our Shelter Island/NYC based clients had this great chair made out of steer horns. Unfortunately, one of the legs had broken off and the horns were dried and cracked. In addition, the chair was assembled with screws but the screw holes were very visible as they had not been properly filled in. To restore the chair, we re-glued the broken leg, filled the screw holes and touched the surfaces in so that they were not visible, filled in all the cracks and retouched those areas as well. It is now very solid and the repairs are not visible. 
Antique Chair Restoration
This great old chair had been through some tough times. It was broken, water damaged and moldy. We had to completely take it apart, re-glue it and thoroughly clean the wood. We then gave it a French polish finish, bringing it to a smooth luster. It is now very solid and smooth to the touch. 
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