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Ceramic Repair and Restoration

We use traditional techniques of high level ceramic restoration. Our artist has worked on pieces with damage ranging from chips or broken elements to pieces that have been severely damaged and need to be completely restored.
Antique Hand Painted Mexican Terra Cotta Pot
 Our client asked us to restore this lovely antique pot. Unfortunately, the pot has already had a badly done repair job, which we needed to reverse before we began our restoration. Specifically, we removed all the silicone glue used in the previous repair before we began our proper restoration process.  We re-glued the piece with a strong epoxy glue and recreated missing material. From there, we hand color matched the restored areas to seamlessly integrate with the pattern on the pot. Finally, the client had a blue saucer with the pot; however, it was not original so the color was a more faded blue than the brilliant azure blue in the pot. We color matched the saucer to the pot, so now it looks as if it is part of a matching set.
Modern Ceramic Lamp
An antiques dealer on Shelter Island, NY asked us to repair this cool ceramic lamp. The lamp has an obvious section of the ceramic base missing, and there are a variety of cracks. We re-created the missing ceramic material and painted in the surface to flow with the existing design. You really can't tell that the piece was damaged!
Elephant Ceramic Pot
This playful pot had elephant heads with upturned trunks on each side. The trunks had broken off so we re-modeled the trunks and color matched them to the rest of the pot.
Limoges Plate with Picasso Image
This plate is one of a series of 6 plates produced by Limoges in the late 1950's. Each plate in the set has a different image of a Picasso drawing. We had to go through an iterative process to fill the hole and cracks. Once we completed that and color matched the restoration, we sealed the surface to protect the finish.
Antique Southern Italian Vessel
One of our clients purchased a high-end ceramic vessel about 20 years ago; however, the top of the piece broke and there were also some of the pieces were lost over time. We re-clued the broken top and had to fill the gaps left by the missing pieces. Finally, we color matched the repairs to blend in with the existing decorative pattern of the piece.
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